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Drinking and appreciating JANNEAU is a way to enjoy life.  We often refer to ourselves as “Distillers of Pleasure” and we do maintain our promise in the glass.

Our obsession with quality is such that we want to produce Armagnacs that are always enjoyable  and surprisingly good also when transformed in cocktails and long drinks, or drunk over ice as an aperitif.

There is a Janneau now for (almost) every occasion, although not for every palate.

Drinking an old Brandy, including an Armagnac and a Cognac, has long been associated with the ritual of warming up a large balloon glass while slowly sipping the very aromatic spirit neat, mainly as a digestive in the after dinner hours.  This classic drinking occasion of European school, once known for being the “best and only” way to appreciate such complex and refined spirit is today being challenged by the variety of lifestyles around the world, many of which allow for a more “relaxed approach” to quality.  

At JANNEAU we agree that, provided the best quality in ingredients and service are there to match our quality, such aromatic and sophisticated spirit could well be enjoyed and paired in different ways, as we suggest here.


Foie gras, chevreuil/agneau/gibier/viandes goûteuses, fromages affinés/forts, crèmes/glace à la vanille, desserts en général, chocolat amer, café, cigares





Angel's Share

40 ml Janneau 5 years old Double Distilled
15 ml Licor 43
2 barspoons simple sugar syrup
1 headed bar spoon orange marmalade
20 ml fresh lemon juice

Shake all ingredients hard with cubed ice and fine strain into chilled Martini glass.

Flamed orange twist (to symbolise the evaporation process in ageing Armagnac).

Silver medal Brown spirit at the Drinks International Cocktail Competition 2005.

The PM

50 ml Janneau
20 ml Maraschino Syrup
Juice of 1 Lime
Cocktail Cherry

Shake & strain into a frozen cocktail glass and garnish with a Cocktail Cherry.

5 year affair

50ml Janneau 5 years old
50ml Fresh Apple Juice
10ml Elderflower Cordial
10ml Fresh Lemon Juice

Muddle in a shaker

Ginger, Lemon juice & Ederflower Cordial. Add Janneau and Apple juice. Shake. Strain into a frozen Martini glass. Garnish with a slice of Ginger on the side of the glass.

Janneau Apple Sour

40 ml Janneau
10 ml Apple Schnapps  
15 ml Apple Juice
15 ml Lemon Juice
5 ml Gomme Syrup
0.5 barspoon Frothee or Egg White (optional)
2 Cherries

Shake & strain over ice into a Rock glass, garnish with cherries.