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The Blending When the eau-de-vie reaches the desired age, it is successively blended with others of different origins (selected by grape, age, and distillation method), giving life to a cuvée or “assemblage” that perfectly reflects the Maison’s style. Only at this time the cuvée takes the name of Grand Armagnac at Maison Janneau. Blending is a delicate art based on experience and skill passed down through the generations of Cellar Masters who assess the characteristics not only by taste, but by smell, aroma and colour as well. Each Maison, including Janneau, has its own secrets, just like a recipe, determining its complex style. As soon as the blending operations are over the Armagnac is stored for six months, in large vats of 18.000 litres called “foudres”, in order to reach a full level of homogeneity before going to bottling.