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Thanks to the unique situation at Janneau who re-introduced double distillation to Armagnac back in 1972, and thanks to the way we care for our ageing stock, this being all Vintage, we are in a position to bottle, with continuity, a new style of Armagnac which takes on the best of finesse and rarity from the greatest Cognacs, and the best in terms of authenticity and purity from a finest Single Malt Scotch from Scotland.

Pure Pot still Single Distillery Armagnac

Concepts of these greatest fine distillates are fused together with our local Armagnac “terroir” and Janneau’s savoir faire, giving light to this new finest distillate from the Armagnac region. The only Armagnac produced exclusively by the double distillation –pot stills method, the ‘original’ distillation technique. The product of a single distillery: a “Single” Exclusively aged in French Limousin oak casks. A lighter, fruity, more refined, style of Armagnac of great character. A range carrying its minimum age statement of 5,12, 15, 18 and 25 years old. An attractive packaging including a retro 50cl French bottle and a tubular box. A true “Appellation Contrôlée” : Fully distilled, aged, and bottled at the House of Janneau in the heart of the delimited region of Armagnac. A new range designed to establish a unique new premium positioning for Armagnac. METHOD OF PRODUCTION We select fresh, natural white wines from the best distilling varieties (Ugni blanc, Folle blanche, Baco, and Colombard) coming from the two finest area of appellation contrôlée : Tenarèze and Bas Armagnac. The Double Distillation in pot still has the great advantage of extracting from the wine all its aromatic qualities and the resulting “eaux-de-vie” clearly distinguish themselves by their great finesse and roundness, fruity nose and an earlier more balanced and complete maturation. With this method only the heart of the distillate is kept and matured in beautiful Limousin oak casks. In the ancient cellars of the Maison, the ‘eaux-de-vie’ are aged separately per cru of origin and year of distillation and bottled once the perfect ageing in casks has been achieved. Bottling takes place at Janneau, in Condom, and the minimum ageing in casks is clearly indicated on the label.

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