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The old history of Maison Janneau today revives, since it was decided, only recently, to put on offer part of our private collection of precious old edition bottling. A collectors stock of old rarities covered in the natural mold grown over decades in our cellar.

Armagnac Janneau’s oldest and rarest bottles

These relics have never been moved, or rebottled, or re-corked, since the day they were put to rest upright, in our ancient underground private cellar, following their bottling at Janneau. Each of these rare bottles has lived a lifetime in oak cask, and a second lifetime in our collection cellar. Each bottle contains a very rare Armagnac, which is sealed in the original bottle and label of the bottling period. Only the outside wooden gift box, has been recently crafted, for the purpose of safely deliver the bottle to its destination. Each bottle is shipped together with a new extra cork and a certificate of authenticity from Maison Janneau. The available quantity is very limited and, these rare bottles are unrepeatable! In case you would like to buy some of Janneau rarities, please contact us at Janneau on

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