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Following Janneau’s decision to launch a new Vintage Strategy, by which the House is to start the release of Limited Special Editions Armagnacs, Janneau has unveil its very first edition in 2012.

The 3 vintages: a 1988 aged 24 years, a 1976 aged 36 years, and a 1964 aged 48 years are all 3 Dragon Years.

The Year of the Dragon is very important to the Chinese around the world, as it is considered the luckiest year of all, and this special bottling wants to mark the year 2012 in memory as it is a turning point for the entire Armagnac industry, whereby China becomes the biggest single market for Armagnac in the world. Maison Janneau has decided to celebrate this special event by blending its centenary savoir-faire with Chinese oriental culture, therefore by releasing 3 exceptional vintages in limited, numbered bottles. The 3 vintages: a 1988 aged 24 years, a 1976 aged 36 years, and a 1964 aged 48 years are all 3 Dragon Years, and according to the Chinese zodiac each one vintage selected represents a different Dragon: 1988 is the Earth Dragon, 1976 is the Fire Dragon, 1964 is the Wood Dragon. Just like the fabulous, rich Armagnacs sealed in these rare bottles, each Vintage and each Dragon have a different character. One common point is that they are all being bottled at cask strength, as to express true Dragon Style. The labels, depicting 3 different Dragons are a work of art in itself and have been inspired by the majestic Dragon figures decorating the ancient wall surrounding the Forbidden City in Beijing. The Dragon Vintages available are limited to the content of one cask per vintage, bottled at cask strength, in 70cl bottles and in 3x50cl packs. Each bottle carries the number of the total lot, and is presented in a decorated wooden box made by the same oak Janneau uses to age its fine Armagnacs. Janneau wishes to extend the Dragon’s Good Luck influence to consumers and collectors worldwide.

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