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50 years old Golden Age, Vintage 1964

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The GOLDEN AGE is not just a great anniversary celebration, but also a superlative, unique expression of Janneau savoir faire, it is a certain ... JANNEAU-SAIT-QUOI !


The GOLDEN AGE is our limited edition Grand Armagnac at exactly 50 years of age. Distilled in 1964 and bottled in 2014 in limited quantity of only 500 half liter bottles, each bottle carrying the individual number. The 1964 was distilled using the single distillation process. Its unusual alcohol strength is due to the hand bottling of a Single Montlezun Cask and its content at natural strength, following a lengthy 50 years maturation in Janneau ancient ageing cellars, dating back from 1851.

Our packaging are subject to recycling instructions.