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Press article - 21 August 2017

Janneau announces "exceptional" global sales !

Olivier Dusautoir, international sales director at Janneau said that the brand is growing in sales in key markets around the world but believes it's 'premature' to add to its ranges the near future. 'Today it is a little premature to talk about possible changes in the ranges, but a brand that wants to grow must always put itself in question.' Dusautoir told. 'Concerning our sales, we have had quite an exceptional year on several fronts: in France firstly, where the brand Janneau has never been particularly well known, we are at least developing a network under the impulsion of the Spirit France structure that has owned Janneau for nearly three years now.' Janneau is the most popular Armagnac in the UK and has recently returned to the US after period oh hiatus, which has proven a positive move. 'In the duty-free sector where Janneau remains the first Armagnac brand, Janneau has seen great success with not only significant growth with clients such as Heinemann but also with traditionally difficult references to obtain such as DFS in Singapore.' 'In the US after several years of absence, Janneau has resurfaced with already great success.' 'In Asia, the brand is gradually progressing over different countries with much potential.' 'Last but not least as mentioned above, England is still our first market and Janneau is still the first Armagnac brand.